Monica Lichi loves teaching since she was pregnant herself and went to a parenting class that changed her vision for being a parent.

She  is  a certified Childbirth Educator through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association and she has international teaching experience.

She had been teaching in Canada, within the organization "Women of Success", for two years and United States since 2015. She offers private classes through Skype in English, French and Romanian, or meets directly her clients.

She also teaches group classes.

Whether you are planning to give birth at a hospital or at home, she customizes the curriculum to best fit your needs, so you can have the easiest birth possible!

She is also part of the American Mother - The US Revolution initiative- because she believes U.S laws should guarantee paid maternity leave for at least one year.


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"Monica was the first to introduce me to the concept of childbirth educator, and what one can really do for a future mom. While hosting her class, she proved to be very professional and determined to open the eyes and minds of pregnant women, by exploring various options on how they could ease the labor pain, how they could personally improve their experience when giving birth. As women, we have the chance to know our body from different perspectives, and becoming a mother is definitely an unique moment that involves our body at a totally different level. Being prepared by a great educator like Monica, and taking simple steps, in the most painful, yet deepest heart touching moments as a woman, I could overcome personal fears and help myself to better deal with the whole process. She was very calm and clear when explaining notions or techniques, and focused under the pressure of a presentation, providing excellent examples for the audience in terms of anticipation or potential course of events. Monica is an excellent public speaker, making her strengths crystal clear. " Roxana B.

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Caitlin Green, R.Y.T,  has been teaching yoga for almost 5 years in the Boston area.  She teaches prenatal yoga at The Breathing Room yoga studio, Prana Power Yoga, and at The Harvard Business School.   Her students walk away from class feeling relaxed, stronger, balanced, and more flexible.  She has had excellent reviews on Yelp for her work.


Prenatal Yoga Testimonial:

"The prenatal classes taught by Caitlin Green are the best I've taken, and I've tried about ten different teachers in different venues. Caitlin knows how to pitch the class at a level that doesn't make you feel as though pregnancy is a disability, and doesn't make you over-extend yourself either. She also knows how to stretch out all the creaks and aches, and does not engage with the "birth goddess" language you find in some prenatal classes. The venue is also very tastefully assembled with beautiful natural wood floors, warm yellow walls and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. I highly recommend these prenatal classes"

-Yelp Review for The Breathing Room by V D.


Caitlin, also a certified life coach, created a signature program called, "Rewiring Your Brain for Optimism."  This program is a combination of self-driven goals and coach-led exercises that blend together to transform your negative self-talk and lead you towards positive action.


Coaching Testimonial:

Caitlin has helped me to get to the core of what I truly desire and to create constructive action steps to move toward my goals and vision.  She’s helped me to stay focused on what really matters, and help me create a fulfilling life each step of the way.  She’s helped me to get out of my head so much and to feel freer and more embodied. -DZ


For the past 24 years, Jill Buchanan, MT-BC has been specializing in music therapy services with individuals of all ages.  Using live music and drumming experiences, she supports her clients and their families with a variety of sounds, encouraging them to explore and learn about themselves and their environments.  Jill is a Nordoff-Robbins trained music therapist, using clinical improvisation in all of her sessions to help clients achieve growth, skill building and wellness.  She also teaches piano to children and adults, including individuals with special needs.  As the founder of Little Meraki Music, she runs music and movement groups for families with very young children.  She founded and directs The Meraki Center for Therapeutic Arts in Belmont, a collaborative healing arts space for everyone.  Past adjunct faculty at Lesley University, Jill continues to meet with students, interns and new music therapists for supervision and clinical development.

Catherine DeSoto fell in love with photography at 18. That first black and white film photography class at the community college started a livelong passion for photography. After working a few years in a commercial studio at the mall, she left professional photography to try other things and although she continued to hone her skills as a hobby, she could never quite let go of that passion. That’s when she started Babies and Beauties Photography LLC, a Boston area photography studio that specializes in photographing women and newborns. She combines her passion for capturing the beauty of every woman to create amazing portraits and headshots with her adoration of little children. Producing heirloom quality products for her clients is one of the great joys of her business. Imagining a woman walking past her beautiful portrait in her home, a mother tenderly adoring a group of photos of her newborn or a little child asking AGAIN to see the album created from his newborn photos is what drives her dedication to the highest quality products and customer service.

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